Does Provillus Really Work?

Provillus is among many companies nowadays that claims hair loss cure is just one purchase away. Hair loss is one of the problems that many people these days greatly worry and Provillus is one of those companies that formulated a hair loss cure.

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What is Provillus?

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Provillus is a completely natural formula for hair regrowth for men and women, who are suffering from genetic or natural hair loss. This hair loss formula is gaining more and more popularity from its male as well as female users. This hair loss treatment packages comes with 2 separate pieces: a capsulated nutritional substances and a topical lotion treatment for direct application. Both of these treatments are said to completely support the fast and natural hair regrowth, especially for those who are suffering from natural hair loss or genetic baldness. This hair regrowth treatment doesn’t provide guarantees for those who are suffering from other causes of hair loss.

Provillus needs you to apply the direct treatment twice everyday whole taking the oral supplement once a day. The makers of this treatment claim that you can already see results in just two months, but may also take up to a year in order to see strong and hard results.
The topical treatment formula uses an active ingredient called Minoxidil, which is a clinically proven and well-known way to regrow the lost hair. It is similar ingredient found in Rogaine and many other topical balding treatment formulas.

Provillus’ manufacturer hasn’t disclosed the minoxidil concentration in their topical treatment formula. Minocidil is available from any pharmacy or supermarket. It is not a unique hair loss treatment ingredient only exclusive to Provillus. This is a simple topical balding treatment that is also present in other treatment formulas. For that reasons, the best way to know if Provillus is better than other formulas is to consider its nutritional supplement.

Provillus nutritional supplement uses the blend of many different ingredients that have been chosen specifically to block the DHT, which is the primary hormone responsible for hair loss as we grow older. Other ingredients include biotin, vitamin B6, and magnesium, which are the 3 most essential nutrients that benefit the body in many ways. Ultimately, there are more ingredients such as para-amino benzoic acid and horsetail silica that are more unique to Provillus.

The horsetail silica has been used as fold medicine since the ancient Greek and Romans time, according to Provillus manufacturer. On the other hand, the Para-amino benzoic acid is known for its ultraviolet (UV) absorbing ability and reducing skin wrinkles.

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Among the online trend of natural remedies for hair loss, there is an overcoming murmur that is relatively point clearly towards the direction of Provillus. Also, there’s growing information about the ingredients used in this product that further promotes its brand reputation. The treatment formula in capsule form remains the most effective formula for hair regrowing, while its topical lotion, said to hae the least side-effect, and apparently working with the consumed formula effective that provide the best treatment for natural hair loss from all angles.